Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Why To Book Desert Safari Abu Dhabi?

You no longer need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy this exquisite desert experience. Book a cheap desert safari Abu Dhabi tour with us and get a unique experience amid wide stretches of golden dunes and scant wilderness. Book your desert safari with us and enjoy great deals, discounts, and a range of benefits. Enjoy a free pick up and drop off from and to your hotel or a pre-decided location if you wish to join a group. You will be accompanied by a professional English speaking safari guide to help you along on your adventure and can also enjoy the benefits of our free cancellation policy with a notice of 48 hours.

Go for the Abu Dhabi evening safari that lasts almost 7 to 8 hours with unlimited fun and excitement amid the magical desert culture. Get to grips with the highest sand dunes of the Arabian desert along with a plethora of adrenaline-pumping desert activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and much more. Apart from this you can also experience traditional activities like henna tattoos and getting yourself photographed in a local attire. Spend an enjoyable evening watching the conventional Tanura and belly dancing shows while digging into a sumptuous barbecue meal in your desert encampment.

Things to Do in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Among the most fascinating emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi offers some of the most amazing experiences and attractions that draws visitors to it from across the globe. If you wish to go for one of the most popular and fun activities here, opt for the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi which also offers a plethora of things to do in the vast wilderness of the Arabian desert.

Camel Ride

If you are spending time amidst the vast stretches of sand dunes in the deserts of Arabia, it is imperative that you take a camel ride here. This is not only an absolute fun activity but will also give you a deeper insight into the traditional way of living. Take a ride on the ship of the desert as they slowly and steadily cruise you through the sandy valleys and crests. You can enjoy about 15 to 20 minutes of camel ride around the camp as well as click some of the most memorable photos while atop its back. It also makes a wonderful experience for children who greatly enjoy a ride on the back of the camel as they navigate around the camp.

  • You can also experience camel riding in dubai in the deserts of dubai and make your day remembrable in fun and joyous.
Quad Biking

If you are a thrill seeker, this is one of the most exciting activities to engage in especially if you are on the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi. So sit atop one of the powerful quad bikes and set out on your thrilling quad biking ride to conquer some of the highest dunes in the desert. It is a ride of a lifetime that you should not miss and with some of the most modern and safe quad bikes, your entire experience is bound to be exhilarating to say the least. You can also give vent to the passionate driver within you through this thrill activity where you get to ride a 300 cc or 400 cc Automatic or even a 700cc Raptor with a geared quad bike.

Dune Bashing

Even the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi is not deemed complete until you have experienced the thrilling sand dune bashing across the rolling sand dunes. This is an out and out adrenaline pumping activity where you are tucked cozily within your 4 X 4 vehicle, which could be a Land Cruiser, Range Rover, or anything else. Your vehicle will then be spun into action by an expert driver who will make your ride a complete rollercoaster amidst miles of sand dunes. So be prepared to scream your lungs out and have your heartbeat shoot up with every single descent down the edge of a steep dune.


Sandboarding and sand skating are two of the most thrilling activities you can enjoy when on a desert camp. Even if you have had no prior experience at this sport, you can still try it here as, all you need is to be able to get hold of a sand board, find a sloping dune around your camp, and just let yourself go on a free fall. Make some of the best memories on your Abu Dhabi safari as you let gravity take charge and then end up with lots of sand on your skin.

Barbeque Dinner And Belly Dance Show

If you are on the best desert safari with bbq dinner in Abu Dhabi, you will not miss out on one of the most important components of every desert experience here, getting up and close with the local way of life. One of the most traditional things to do is to enjoy a succulent and sumptuous barbecue under the stars. You can also enjoy a traditional belly dancing show and other local forms of entertainment as you sit around a campfire. This is a great way to get a taste of the enigmatic Bedouin way of life in the cool evening air of the desert watching tanoura and other local artists presenting their talents with a stirring Arabian music playing in the background.

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Camping Under The Stars

If you are not content with spending a few hours in the open deserts of Abu Dhabi, you can also opt for an overnight camping tour where you get to sleep in the desert gazing at the glittering starry sky. Start your safari at sundown when you will be transported to your traditional Bedouin style campsite where you also enjoy a delectable barbecue dinner while sitting around a raging camp fire. You also can enjoy live music, after dinner coffee or kahwa and a plate of Arabian dates. The evening is made more exciting by incorporating belly dancing and other local entertainment shows.

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Tips For Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

  • It is best to go for your desert safari in Abu Dhabi during the months of October through April which is when the scorching summer heat subsides and hot desert winds cool down
  • If you are going for an overnight camping tour, pack some light woolens, stole, or jackets as it might get a little chilly in the night
  • Wear loose pants or shorts as opposed to dresses, skirts, or any other attire that may restrict the free movement of your limbs especially when you are engaged in an outdoor activity
  • Always carry water bottles when you are out on your desert adventures, as the desert heat can easily dehydrate you
  • Explore the mesmerizing dunes and breathtaking landscapes with our exclusive desert safari Abu Dhabi packages, promising an unforgettable adventure
  • Do not forget to carry your sunglasses and lots of sunscreen
  • Wear flip-flops, open shoes or sandals when you will be getting in and out of the desert several times. Don’t wear closed shoes because the sand can go inside.
  • Carry a sand proof bag to keep your belongings.

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Know Before You Go For Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Plan your visit to Dubai desert safari for an amazing experience.

Essential Information
What to Wear

Location - There are several top locations for desert safari in Abu Dhabi like Al Dhafra, Al Khaznah, among others & you can explore the fun at several locations of desert safari in Dubai while your stay at most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Timings - It totally depend on the kind of safari you choose. The morning safari is usually from 8AM to 12 PM, while the evening safari is from 4 PM.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year to visit is from October to March, during the winter months. This is when the climatic conditions here are much improved as opposed to the harsh desert heat during the rest of the year. The best time of the day to visit is during the evenings, when the weather cools down considerably. You can enjoy activities like sitting around a campfire, watching belly dance performances, and also enjoy camping under an open sky full of stars.

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  • Experience unlimited thrill and adventure as you come face to face with some of the highest sand dunes in the deserts of Arabia as you go quad biking, sand boarding, etc.
  • Get a taste of the traditional way of life as you go camel riding, get henna tattoos applied, and get clicked dressed in a local attire
  • Witness entertaining performances like a Tanoura and belly dancing by local artists as you sit around a campfire under a starry sky
  • Dig into some of the most delectable barbecue meals followed by a warm cup of Arabian coffee and a plate of Arabian dates
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The question of what to wear while going for desert safari the answer to that would be to wear loose pants and shorts rather than dresses and skirts as these would restrict your movements when you try one of the adventure activities. Carry a light jacket or stole if you are here in the late evening and wear open shoes.

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FAQ of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

What is the best time for an evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Desert Safari is usually scheduled keeping in mind the best time of evening so you'll be picked up around 3:30 in the afternoon and dropped off at your hotel around 9:30 in the night. The time around sundown is best to enjoy your safari as not only is the weather comparatively cooler then but you get to enjoy a plethora of activities during this time.

What should I wear on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

You should wear light, cotton, comfortable clothing to your Abu Dhabi desert safari. Avoid wearing skirts, dresses, or anything else that may restrict movement during the outdoor activities. It will be sandy around so wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. The weather in Desert can get freezing at night so keep something warm as well.

What are the different types of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

The different types of Abu Dhabi desert safari include the Morning desert safari, the Evening desert safari, and the Overnight desert safari.

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What should I bring on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

Carry some light jackets or stoles if you go for the evening safari as the air tends to get a little nippy after sun down. You must also carry your cap, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and water bottle.

What is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

The best time to visit the Abu Dhabi desert safari is during the months from October to March, when the scorching summer heat subsides and the weather becomes more pleasant.

What can we do on a Dubai desert safari?

You can enjoy a plethora of activities on your Abu Dhabi desert safari. These include Quad biking, Sandboarding, Dune bashing, Camel rides, Barbeque dinner, Camp fire, Belly dance performance, and other traditional performances, as well as camping under the stars.

How do I reach the desert for the safari?

Your desert safari Abu Dhabi deals include a pick up and drop off from and to your hotel or any other pre-decided location. You will receive a ride on a 4 X 4 desert equipped vehicle that will take you directly to your campsite deep into the Arabian desert.


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