Dune Bashing in Dubai

About Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dune Bashing in Dubai is a popular and exciting adventure activity enjoyed by visitors on the golden sand dunes of Arabian desert. The adventure activity basically includes an expert and skilled driver navigating a 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with passengers, across the golden sand dunes at varied speeds. As the car goes up and down on the dunes, passengers feel a rush of adrenaline and pure excitement.

Often enjoyed as a part of an entire desert safari, which also includes other desert activities like Camel rides, belly dance shoes, dune buggy , quad biking in dubai & Tanoura Shows and other; Dune Bashing is the highlight of these trips. Lasting for mostly an hour, the Desert Safari Dune bashing vehicles travel in a convoy and sometimes even perform skid stunts as part of the adventure.

Dune Bashing offers thrill and excitement as it takes skill and patience to navigate the vehicle with shifting sand and shape changing sand dunes. Visitors can book SUV tours or try their hand at solo/double buggies on the popular spots of Dune Bashing across Dubai like Bidayer, Liwa desert, etc. An authentic experience to try out, Desert Safari Dune Bashing Dubai is loved by both those who continuously seek adventure and even those who aren't avid adventurous seekers. It is best to enjoy the ride before or during the sunset, as one can enjoy a beautiful view against the desert's golden landscape.

What Makes Dune Bashing in Dubai Special?

Adventurous Experience

Dubai Desert Dune Bashing tour is a special and exciting adventure, perfect for both beginners and experienced thrill-seekers. You can enjoy it solo in buggies or with a group in SUVs across the vast Dubai deserts. Expert instructors guide visitors before they go on solo or double buggy rides. Sometimes, guests also get the chance to witness off-roading stunts performed by skilled drivers in SUV convoys. It's a unique experience that guarantees a good time for everyone. Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you conquer the towering sand dunes of Dubai through exhilarating sand dune bashing, a heart-pounding adventure that promises excitement amidst the golden desert landscape.

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The Best Way to Tour the Arabian Desert's golden landscape

This adventure activity is the best way to explore and experience the Arabic culture and authentic desert terrain of Dubai without much effort if choosing to ride in an SUV group.

For thrill seekers this activity is a great option to make the most of their experience in the Arabian desert; you will find visitors enjoying the breath-taking views of the stunning Dubai sunset afterwards. Embark on an unforgettable sand dune ride in Dubai, where the undulating golden waves of the desert become your playground for an exhilarating adventure like no other.

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A Complete Experience with Various Desert Activities to Enjoy

In Dubai with Dune bashing travelers get to enjoy other amazing desert activities like Camel rides, Heena designing, sand boarding etc, as the activity is often included in desert safari trips.

After the adventure activity, in Dubai, they can also indulge in relaxing activities like watching the Belly dance shows, Tanoura Show and a delectable BBQ dinner with a stunning view of the golden desert. Embark on a journey to Dubai's enchanting desert and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the vast sand dunes in Dubai, where time seems to stand still amid the ever-shifting landscape of golden beauty.

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Dune Bashing Locations in Dubai


Popularly known as the "Big Red", Bidayer is a major spot for Dune Bashing in Dubai. The sand dunes of this terrain are gigantic and have a dark red shade of sand. Hundreds of travelers visit this area in Dubai to experience dune bashing on their own while in the UAE.

While the area is usually bustling with adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, it also attracts a huge number of beginners for Dune Bashing. The region has become a hotspot for amateurs because it is one of the easiest to conquer in the list of popular spots in Dubai for dune bashing. While the terrain can be easily navigated by beginners, experts too will enjoy this desert adventure activity on their own in Bidayer. During the weekends and on famous holidays, the sand dune is comparatively crowded with skilled motorists looking for a place to showcase their talents, tricks and stunts with buggies, quad bikes, or SUVs.

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The Sweihan Desert is located on the borders of 3 important cities of UAE, including Dubai, and attracts hundreds of visitors for Dune Bashing. Sweihan is affectionately known as "Little Liwa", as it is a practice ground for enthusiastic riders who are aiming to show their skills of Dune Bashing in the Liwa Desert one day. The Sweihan desert is a difficult terrain because of the big sand dunes and soft sand density, and is advised only to expert and experienced drivers. During their ride for the Desert Safari with Dune Bashing experience in the desert, riders can sometimes catch a glimpse of a large caravan of camels and Emiratis accompanied by their falcons. Nestled in the deep parts of Sweihan desert, Naqrah is a popular spot which should definitely be visited by expert adventure seekers for Dune Bashing.

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Liwa Desert

The Liwa Desert is the play area for experienced dune-bashers and a dream spot for many novice riders. Commonly known as "The Empty Quarter", this place hosts a number of festivals and challenges annually for the visitors and guests who come here seeking adventure and excitement. As the largest desert in the Arabian Region, it is spread across a wide area of soft sand, sharing its border with Saudi Arabia.

Every year the desert is the venue for a week-long festival, called the Liwa Festival. One of the main challenges of this festival is to ride over the Moreeb Dune, also popularly known as the "terrifying mountain". Standing over 300m high, this sand dune is angled at 50° and is definitely the ultimate challenge for skilled drivers of Dune Bashing.

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Experience Dune Bashing

Experience Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in the Dubai desert is an exhilarating and must-try experience for adventure enthusiasts. It typically involves riding in a 4x4 vehicle, often a sturdy SUV or a dune buggy, as it navigates the stunning sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. Skilled drivers take you on a thrilling roller-coaster-like ride, climbing up and swiftly descending the colossal sand dunes, creating heart-pounding moments of excitement.

As the vehicle maneuvers through the shifting sands, you'll experience a rush of adrenaline and awe-inspiring views of the desert's vast expanse. The dunes seem like endless waves frozen in time, making for incredible photo opportunities during breaks in the action.

How to Plan a Perfect Dune Bashing Dubai Trip?

  • Choose from any of the famous Dune Bashing spots in Dubai and head out in a 4X4 vehicle for a fun adventure.
  • Upon reaching the site, explore the desert landscape and enjoy Dune Bashing in Dubai desert.
  • After the ride you can visit the sunset viewpoint, where you can capture a beautiful setting sun over the desert backdrop.
  • Many other activities like the Camel Rides, Sandboarding in Dubai, Heena Designing, and others are available for travelers to enjoy at the campsites in the desert safari.
  • Admire the fun activities that are lined up for entertainment, such as the belly dance show, fire show and the popular Tanoura dance show at the campsite.
  • Conclude your trip with a delicious barbeque dinner and refreshing drinks and take home millions of memories after dinner.

Dubai Dune Bashing Tips

  • If you are looking for what to wear in dubai desert safari , so the weather during desert safari gets hot and sunny, therefore tourists should wear sunscreen on their face and body to protect their skin.
  • Remember to carry a pair of sunglasses for comfort of the eyes against sun glare and even sand particles.
  • Avoid heavy meals before the ride as the ups and downs might make one feel dizzy and nauseous.
  • Keep a good camera or phone with a nice camera with you for some great shots during the desert safari.
  • While there are no restrictions on clothing, one should avoid wearing tight or uncomfortable clothes while enjoying the adventure activity.
  • It is advisable to wear open sandals or slippers during the safari for sand bashing Dubai, as travelers can enjoy barefoot walks on the sand afterwards.

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What to Wear for Dune Bashing in Dubai?

  • Wear comfortable and loose outfits as sand might get into your clothes which may be uncomfortable.
  • For footwear it is recommended by experienced travelers to choose sandals and open toe shoes instead of sneakers as sand finds its way inside the shoes.
  • People wearing lenses might want to carry a pair of sunglasses in order to protect the lenses from sand particles and the following discomfort.
  • While visiting during winters for Dune Bashing in Dubai, travelers should either wear or carry a light jersey/ scarf as the desert regions might get chilly after sunset.
  • Travelers should use a scarf or hat to cover their hair, as they might get dirty with all the sand.
  • You can also experience other activities in desert like Hot Air Balloon Dubai, Fat Tire Bike etc.

Dune Bashing Dubai FAQs

What is Dune Bashing?

Dubai Desert Dune bashing is an adventure activity popular amongst thrill seekers traveling to desert areas.

The activity includes traveling in a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) driven by a skilled driver, navigating the vehicle up and down the gigantic sand dunes. Sometimes, riders participate in the activity on buggies instead of the SUV, for a more thrilling experience.

What is the best time for Dune Bashing Dubai?

The months of November through March are the best time for adventure seekers to enjoy Dune bashing Dubai. These months are comparatively cool and offer great weather to be in the desert and enjoy desert safaris and different adventure sports like Dune Bashing.

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What to expect when going Dune Bashing in Dubai?

Going for Dune bashing Dubai is like going on a mini roller coaster ride. Travelers will experience a major adrenaline rush and the opportunity to get some amazing clicks with the desert backdrop around sunset.

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings away from the city noises and towering buildings, with a clear view of the natural landscapes.

Is there any age restriction for Dune Bashing Dubai?

Children who are under the age of 4 are not permitted to take part in the activity of Dune Bashing in Dubai even with adults accompanying them.

What are the different types of desert safari experiences available in Dubai?

Are there Multiple Timing Options?


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