Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari In Dubai

Offering magnificent views of the desert in the early morning light, mornings in Dubai cannot get any more beautiful than on a morning desert safari. Expertly designed to offer the best combination of adventure and leisure, the desert safari takes one on a delightful tour across the Arabian Desert.

The morning desert safari takes one on a fantastic tour of the Dubai deserts. Once at Arabian desert, the day is spent on a number of fantastic desert adventures. Tourists try their hand in an exciting variety of sports such as Dune Bashing , Quad Biking ,Sandboarding and Dune Buggy in Dubai. Those looking for a cultural experience will also have a splendid time trying out henna tattoos, or riding a camel - the ship of the desert, across the dunes.

The morning desert safari will also offer a glimpse into the local forms and ways of dining; a steady supply of Gahwa, or locally grown dates, and Arabic coffee will keep one refreshed throughout their stay at the campsite, while the safari itself will come to an end with a freshly prepared breakfast with a combination of international and traditional delicacies. For more information you can check TripAdvisor and get to know much more about this. Kickstart your day with the serene beauty of a desert safari Dubai morning, where the golden sands and tranquil landscapes set the perfect backdrop for adventure.

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The Morning Desert Safari offers a unique way of exploring the beautiful dunes of the Arabian deserts. The desert safari starts off as travellers are picked up from their hotels. Once at the campsite, travellers spend the day indulging in a number of exciting desert adventures and experiences.

The highlight of the morning desert safari Dubai is the dune bashing adventure, where tourists travel across the rise and fall of the dunes at varying speeds on an equipped 4x4 vehicle. After the adventurous start, you then head on over to the campsite, followed by a quick second round of adventure, as tourists indulge in sports of their choice- Dune Bashing in Dubai, Quad Biking, and Hot Air Balloon. The morning desert safari dubai finally comes to an end as travelers are dropped back at their hotel.

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Dubai Morning Desert Safari Tour Overview

  • Ride through the dunes of the Arabian desert on a fully equipped 4x4 SUV as you start your morning desert safari Dubai with a dune bashing adventure across the desert
  • Strap on your adventurous boots as you glide down the sandy slopes on a sandboarding adventure
  • Navigate the dunes on your personal ATV bikes, witnessing the best views as your travel along
  • Enjoy a glimpse into the traditional desert culture as you enjoy a camel ride at the camp

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  1. Transfers: Round trip transfers to and from the hotel, on a sharing or private basis
  2. Guide: A professional English speaking guide
  3. Activities:
  • Dune Bashing adventure on a 4x4
  • Sandboarding at an additional cost
  • 4 hour long tour across the desert
  • Desert photography opportunities

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Types of Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai with Private Transfers

This morning desert safari includes a traditional mix of sports such as dune bashing, sandboarding and camel riding, along with transfers in private vehicles to and from the hotel.

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Morning Desert Safari in Dubai with Shared Transfers

The morning desert safari Dubai with shared transfers will include a dune bashing, sandboarding and breakfast experience, with transfers to and from the hotel taking place on a shared basis.

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Morning Safari with Quad Bike Ride 20 minutes with Private Transfer

Along with the regular variety of bashing and sand boarding adventures, this particular morning desert safari will also include a 20 minute quad biking session. Additionally, all transfers to and from the hotel will be on a private basis.

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Morning Safari with Quad Bike Ride 20 minutes with Shared Transfer

The safari experience will include dune bashing, sandboarding and quad biking in fully equipped bikes. Tourists will travel to the desert on shared vehicles.

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Morning Safari with Quad Bike Ride 60 minutes with Private Transfer

This morning desert safari will include a longer quad biking session of 60 minutes, along with dune bashing and private transfers.

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Morning Safari with Quad Bike Ride 60 minutes with Shared Transfer

The dune bashing adventure on this morning desert safari will be followed by a round of 60-minute quad biking, sandboarding and breakfast. All transfers will be on a shared basis.

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Why Go for a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai?

  • Get a chance to explore the best and the most beautiful parts of the Arabian desert with an experienced, English speaking guide
  • Enjoy dune bashing, one of the most adventurous of desert sports included as a part of the morning desert safari
  • Strap your adventure boots on as you embark on a sand boarding experience, which is somewhat like snowboarding, but done across sand dunes
  • Drive your personal ATV bikes across the sloping dunes, witnessing marvelous views of the golden deserts as your drive by
  • Get a chance to partake in one of the most popular cultural experiences in a morning desert safari Dubai, as you venture out on a camel ride at the campsite
  • Enjoy a lovely breakfast spread of traditional and international delights to draw the safari to a fitting climax

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Tips for Morning Desert Safari Dubai

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing when you leave for your morning desert safari; cotton clothes are ideally suited for the experience
  • Do carry adequate sun protection before going out for the safari. Sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen would be the go to combination.
  • It would be a better idea to wear covered shoes and converses to keep the sand from getting to your feet
  • Although you will be treated to a hearty breakfast at the end of the morning desert safari Dubai, having a light early meal in the morning would be advisable
  • Pay close attention to the instructional sessions before every adventure sport
  • Wear all protective gears, such as goggles, helmets and belts, as and when required
  • Before going for expedition in Dubai Desert, You must checkout What to Wear in Dubai Desert Safari so that you can enjoy your safari tour in a most comfortable way.

What to Wear for Morning Desert Safari?

  • Loose, Cotton Clothes: Choose your most comfortable outfit for the day; shorts or trousers with t-shirts, or summer dresses would be ideal
  • Hats and Sunglasses
  • Covered footwear, such as converse shoes, to protect your feet from the heat and sand

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai FAQ'S

What is unique about a morning desert safari?

Taking place before the sun reaches its full power, the morning desert safari in dubai remains comparatively cooler. Morning safaris are generally deemed less popular than evening or overnight safaris, and thus remain less crowded and better suited for those looking to avoid the typical safari crowd.

Another rather unique feature of the morning desert safari is that certain safaris also include a hot air balloon ride, which is unique only with the morning safaris.

What are the experiences included in Morning Desert Safari Dubai?

The experiences included on a morning desert safari are dune bashing in dubai, camel riding and traditional breakfast. Sandboarding and quad biking are included as optional adventures, which one may add if they so desire.

What to expect on a Morning Desert Safari Dubai?

The morning desert safari will allow one to truly explore the Arabian dunes in its most tranquil form.

Evening safaris in dubai being the overrated choice, mornings in the desert remain relatively empty and less crowded. The weather, too, remains cool and pleasant before the sun reaches its full power, making it an ideal time to visit for those looking for a more peaceful experience on a morning desert safari.

What is the pickup time of Dubai Morning Desert Safari?

Those going on a morning desert safari will be picked up from their hotels between 08.00 and 08.30 AM.

What is the best time for morning desert safari in Dubai?

The best time for any desert safari in Dubai is the winter months, ideally between November and February. The weather during winter remains cool, dry and pleasant, making it best suited for the activity. Plan your adventure with our Dubai Safari timing information to make the most of your wildlife exploration in the desert.

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